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As a designer and furniture maker, Helga Duchamps couples her taste for elegance, simplicity and beauty with a strong and dedicated preference for perfection in workmanship and finishing. She stands for elegant yet functional design, and for optimal use of materials giving a comfortable and pleasant flow. Helga Duchamps always chooses high quality materials with a long service life, and she works with excellent craftspeople who are specialists in their field. Her background in architecture and engineering results in pure aesthetics and clear proportions, and her experience in contemporary dance has blessed her with an intuitive and elegant take on colour and form. Helga Duchamps has the rare talent of tuning into the client’s personal taste, and translating this into contemporary, sustainable, elegant and affordable design.


For over 15 years, Brussels-based engineer-architect Helga Duchamps was active in the field of contemporary dance – “I’ve done all kind of work in dance, expect being on stage myself”, Duchamps says, who worked as an all-round producer with artists active on the intersection of dance and performance, among others with Mette Edvardsen and Alexandra Bachzetsis. In 2013 she started Bold, an organisation for the national and international distribution of productions in the performing arts with a focus on hybrid, fragile and experimental work. Duchamps’ passion for contemporary dance emerged when she discovered the pure formal language of the discipline: “Its language is conceptual, and in a way even mathematical”, says the engineer-architect. “Besides, I find it absolutely mesmerising to witness how dancers communicate a narrative through their body language.”

While developing her career in the contemporary dance world, Duchamps also deepened her interest in interior design and her expertise in furniture making: “Often I didn’t find the furniture I was looking for, so I started to create it myself. I also designed my own house in Brussels, and when friends started to ask me to help them do their houses or design furniture for them, my appetite to launch my own brand one day was invoked.” In 2018 Helga Duchamps decided to dedicate all her time to creating furniture and interior design.

text by Veerle Devos, journalist for DAMN


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