helga duchamps

interiors          furniture

wall reclaimed wood & glazed bricks - Jan Verheyden / vases Kosi Hidama

composition sauvage - Wouter Krokaert / ceramics - Kosi Hidama / tables & mirror - Helga Duchamps

glazed bricks, flower pots, wall reclaimed wood / Jan Verheyden / side table solid wood - Helga Duchamps

ceramics - Kosi Hidama

ceramics - Kosi Hidama

glazed bricks - Jan Verheyden  / tables + mirror - Helga Duchamps

vases - Kosi Hidema  /  coffee table + tables + mirror - Helga Duchamps

groupexpo - design september 2018

Kosi Hidama, Wouter Krokaert and Helga Duchamps all have a background in the Brussels dancescene
but have each developed their own artistic/design practice over the last years. For this expo (part of Design September)
they showed a collection of ceramics, furniture, objects and plants in Jan Verheyden's multifunctional space in Molenbeek.


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